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Alex Benkast

Hi, I'm Sarah Alex!

I’m a professional organizer in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Organizing has been my secret passion ever since I helped my grandmother stock shelves at her local supermarket during summer breaks. Then, throughout my pregnancy and early parenting, I “Marie Kondo-ed” our home, and became a Clutterbug Certified Organizational Specialist™. Now I want to help you create organized, functional spaces that give you peace of mind.

My Favorite 3 Approaches to Organizing

The KonMari Method

Everything gets taken out in piles of like items and is organized by whether each item sparks joy, which leaves your space only with the things you love and use.

The Clutterbug Organizing Styles

The 4 Clutterbug Styles

The first step here is to identify whether you need to see all that you own or prefer that your things stay out of sight, and whether it is easier for you to handle detailed or broad categories of items when it comes to tidying up.
Out of the three organizing approaches, this is the one I got certified in. I love and use all three organizing approaches, but I firmly believe that figuring out a person's organizing style is what helps them stay organized long-term.

Certified Organizational Specialist Badge
The Home Edit Method

The Home Edit Method

The unicorn of organization. Things are not only sorted by like items but also color to create a visually pleasing rainbow aesthetic.

“Working with Alex — was an extraordinary opportunity. She gave me a detailed plan to help me work through my resistance and to get organized. What would have taken months — only took a few days and has significantly changed my life and has allowed me to live a more minimalist lifestyle.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

All spaces and needs are different, which is why I need to see pictures and videos of your space upfront so I can estimate how much time it will take. There is also a difference between whether you prefer for me to come work with you in person or via video chat. Typically, I charge a base fee of USD $60/hour.

The short answer is no, I do not provide bins and other storage solutions. However, I will work with what you already have and make purchase recommendations based on your budget and style.


Whether you’re curious about specifics or want to request a quote, I’m here to answer any questions you might have.

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