Starting Over in Utah + Book News

After 2 years in limbo, I’m ready to embark on a new career adventure. Stay tuned for new books and projects in 2022! 

If you saw my last post, you know that we uprooted our life in June 2021 to tour the US in our tiny Airstream Bambi. And I also hinted that things didn’t go according to plan. We did see some really cool places though (check out the gallery below):

  • Dinosaur Monument (where we touched real dinosaur bones)
  • Moonshine Arch (which was equal parts beautiful and creepy because we were the only people there and it was getting dark)
  • Fantasy Canyon (aptly named, because it looks otherworldly)
  • Arches National Park (where we saw some hilarious and awe-inspiring rock formations)
  • Canyonlands (where we did an insane and super dangerous off-road drive down into the canyon)
  • Solitude, Wasatch Mountains (also aptly named, where we lived for a month trying to escape the heat and the smoke)

Our plan was to continue East to see New England in the fall and then down to Florida for the winter. Problem was: the heat and the smoke! 🥵 Plus, three people in a tiny Airstream trailer where one person had to work full-time with meetings from 9 to 5.

After our little guy got attacked by black wasps—twice, I decided that we needed a break from trailer life so all three of us could escape the heat and the smoke.

We rented an Airbnb in Solitude, Utah, and fell in love with the Wasatch Mountains. What started out as a fun weeklong “let’s check out the real estate in the area” turned into “we bought a freaking house!”

We didn’t get a real goodbye from our Bay Area family and friends since we didn’t know we’d end up moving to Utah. In the end, we had our stuff shipped from storage, during which a lot of our furniture got damaged, and they lost parts of our beds (which turned up three months later)!

Overall though, it’s really been a blessing to end up here. Every morning I get to look at the mountains from our bedroom window. And that alone makes me feel calm, and grateful, and very happy.

Also, the people here are extremely nice and welcomed us with treats and baked goods. 😋

Book News

Over the past two months, I’ve finally gotten back to writing and editing. My first book, Lumiana, has new Kindle and Paperback versions. And Beneath Your Beautiful is getting a paperback version too, which is going live any day now. Here’s a little sneak peek. Once I receive my author copies, it’s time for a promo photoshoot, and then I’m officially back in business after my two-year hiatus. 🎊 I have some exciting new projects lined up! To stay in the loop, sign up here.

xo Alex