Work With Me

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life.”

Amy Poehler
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Join my team!

Because I’m not a native English speaker, I’d love to have someone on my team who is to make sure my writings (books, blog posts, website copy, etc.) are clear and error-free. If you have a knack for spelling and grammar and would like to be the first to read my upcoming books, email me with the subject line “proofreader”.

If there’s one thing I need help with, it’s spreading the word. While I have the marketing know-how, I don’t have the energy for social media. Since the pandemic started I have even less time than before (I have a super active four-year-old who is home with me 24/7) and I’d rather spend what little time I have writing. What I need is both volunteers (for a kickass street team—there will be fun prizes) and a partner who will manage and execute my marketing campaigns (which I’m planning to make a permanent paid position). So if you like what I do and what I stand for + enjoy being active on social media, email me with either “street team” or “campaign manager” in the subject line. will launch in 2023 and is a lifestyle blog that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity in the media. It will also offer merchandise. The revenue generated will be used to fund which benefits orphans and foster children. Once the site is up and running, I will link it here. is set to launch in 2023 and will be a community effort to teach young people what I wish they had taught me in school. Each subject will have a series of short videos. It’s a great way to both contribute to the greater good while also indirectly allowing people to discover your business or services. I will link to the site here once it goes live.