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An Artist's Journey —
from self-denial to self-acceptance

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indie author | book coach

“Unlike anything I’ve read before.” 

It’s quite funny in retrospect. Whether the reviews of my books are positive or unfavorable, this is what people seem to agree on. For the longest time I’ve tried fitting in, yet I kept sticking out.

So I’ve decided to embark on a journey where I embrace my differences, rather than fight them. We need more diversity in literature, just like we need diversity in life, to feel alive and in love.

My life story is unusual. The people I meet are unusual. Why wouldn’t I write books that reflect my unique experience?

I love romance novels as much as I love self-development books. I need to feel like I’m learning and growing, and that I have the power to change and reinvent my life. That’s what I hope you’ll feel as you read my books. 


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