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Basketball Love

Tropes: Sports Romance, Girlboss

Zoe Alves just landed the biggest gig of her career: whipping NBA star Zac Layne back into Playoffs shape. There is no way she’s going to mess this up—least of all by falling for the Thunderbolts’ Golden Boy and the sizzling looks he is shooting her way.

Zac Layne has had a couple of hard knocks lately. After his ten-year relationship with his high school sweetheart went up in flames, a pesky shoulder injury keeps slowing him down. What he needs is a win—not a spunky physical therapist that adds to the distraction.

The rules are simple: rehabilitate and move on. But when things heat up, they might just need a whole new game plan.

Zoe Alves - Basketball Love
meet zac layne in basketball love

Rebels Like Us Series

A Multicultural Family Saga
Book Cover of Lumiana - Rebels Like Us Book 1 by Alex Benkast


Book 1

“Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places” could’ve been the soundtrack of Johnny Graham’s life. At 29, the newly single musician is as famous for his raspy voice as he is notorious for his loose tongue and short-lived relationships.

He’s also facing the greatest creative block of his career.

With his relatives poking holes in his confidence and his record label breathing down his neck, Johnny is desperate for inspiration when he hears Lumiana Harding’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

Convinced a collaboration with the young, reclusive professor will help make his new album a success, Johnny soon learns that persuading her proves more challenging—and adventurous—than either of them could’ve imagined.

Lumiana is a heartwarming story about rediscovering our sense of wonder, and reminds us that our way isn’t always the right way or the only way.

The Rebels Like Us family saga chronicles the lives and loves of the now adult children of Casa de Esperanza, a former Los Angeles based orphanage run by German-Colombian immigrant couple Emma Arendt and Fernando García.

Available on Amazon (ebook & paperback); other formats available upon request.

Book Cover of Beneath Your Beautiful - Rebels Like Us Book 4 by Alex Benkast

Beneath Your Beautiful

Book 4

The first thing Jaya ever learned from life was to work hard and never get attached to someone else. So what’s a woman to do when she ends up living next door to a male supermodel who’s looking for a connection that goes beyond skin-deep?

At twenty-five, Jaya Lahiri is close to realizing her dream of becoming a respected sociologist. When her former one-night stand, TV host Trevor Williams, invites her to appear on his show, Jaya jumps at the chance to promote her latest book—#PicturePerfect, a critique of the fashion industry.

But things don’t go exactly as planned. A fear of flying is a bitch and Jaya’s had one too many Xanax. And why hadn’t Trevor warned her that those sneaky producers invited supermodel Noah Santino on the show to spur a heated debate?

When Jaya trips on stage and lands face first in Noah’s lap, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Trigger warning: Please note that although this is mostly a feel-good, multicultural friends-to-lovers romance, it addresses heavy and controversial topics including the ugly side of the fashion industry, PTSD, unplanned pregnancy, gender identity, and inequality.

To learn more about the story behind the book, click here.

Available on Amazon (ebook & paperback); other formats available upon request.

Iron Sky by Alex Benkast Book Cover

Iron Sky

Book 2

In the aftermath of her bold declaration, Lumiana makes a life-altering decision, Johnny encounters a ghost from his past, and the two of them brave their first date in public. When an overzealous publicist, a resourceful reporter, and a vengeful adversary threaten to expose the skeletons in Casa de Esperanza’s closet, Lumiana tempts fate, with devastating consequences.

Please note: This story addresses emotional subjects like prejudice, discrimination, identity, death, and violence. It includes a LGBTQ love subplot that involves Lumiana’s brother, musician Milo Sy.

Status: Complete, awaiting professional editing. Available as a free download.

Fire We Make by Alex Benkast Book Cover

Fire We Make

Book 3

Note: Fire We Make takes place a decade after Lumiana. Ana is a main character in Book 1 & 2, and Jamie makes his debut in Book 2.

Sometimes the craziest ideas have the greatest payoff. Or at least that’s what Ana told herself as she marched down the hallway to kiss the boy who should have been the last person she’d ever want to be her first kiss.

One kiss that changes the course of their lives forever.

Status: Complete, awaiting professional editing. Available as a free download.

Wattpad Books

All Of You by Alex Benkast Book Cover

All of You

Fast Read

When Latin singer Juan Peláez hires hyperrealism artist Lin Solavida to paint a mural in his home, he doesn’t know what he‘s in for.

Word around town is that Lin is a forty-something guy with a Quasimodo-like hunchback. But no one has ever actually seen the man.

Their contract comes with specific instructions: Juan isn’t allowed to enter the room while the artist is working in his house for the next two months.

Straightforward. Doable.

Until his accidental run-in with the mysterious artist.

Here’s the problem. 

A: She is gorgeous, witty, and crazy talented.

And B: She has walls so high no one can climb them.

Finding ways to entice Lina into wanting to spend time with him shouldn’t be too hard for a charming, creative guy like him, right?


Every attempt backfires. He either upsets her, runs her over, or, you know, epically embarrasses himself in front of her.

But every miserable failure also makes her laugh and teaches him something new about Lina.

2024 Gravity New Edition


Fast Read

Jacob Maier looks hot on paper: An award-winning musician with famous friends and even more famous exes, he’s both a tabloid favorite and a cautionary tale.

The word in Hollywood is: if you’re a female star on the rise, don’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.

YouTuber Alexis “Al” Hunter has heard her agent’s warning and brushed it aside. She isn’t even in the market for romance after her first and only relationship went up in flames.

When a work project goes sideways and her best friend stands her up at a local dive bar, Al is ready to call it a night. But just as she’s about to leave, a guy walks in who has the women at the bar swooning like he’s the protagonist in a steamy cologne commercial. And Al can’t help but watch!

Until he takes a seat at her table…


Status: First Draft complete. Email me if you want to be a first reader. Also available on Wattpad.

Planned Books


Gus’s story
Status: Outline and 1st draft in progress

All About The Benjamins (Working Title)

Candela’s story
Status: Outline and 1st draft in progress

I’ve always been a rebel. I never do things the way they're supposed to be done. Either I go in the opposite direction or I create a new direction for myself, regardless of what the rules are or what society says.

Grace Jones