Behind the Scenes

An Unconventional Family

Rebels Like Us is a series of stand-alone novels that chronicle the lives and loves of the now adult children of Casa de Esperanza, a former orphanage based in Los Angeles, California.

The Arendt-Garcias are inspired by my own multicultural family and the stories and environments that impacted us the most.

As a sociologist, I want to understand and convey the social causes and consequences of romantic love, family conflict, deviant behavior, and racial and gender identity. Pride and Prejudice would have been a fitting title for this series!

Like it does in real life, music and artistry is the glue that holds it all together. We are a creative bunch—and so are the Arendt-Garcias.

Casa De Esperanza

“Music is what feelings sound like, a language everyone understands. A song can be a rescue vessel, a seductive lover, or sentimental treasure, adding color and spice to everyday life.”

Credit: Jasmine Tookes & Tobias Sorensen
Johnny Graham, Lumiana


Book 1

Take a look behind the scenes of my debut novel: the inspiration behind it, truth vs. fiction, fun facts, and bonus content.

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Book 2

Preview my upcoming novel and get the scoop on how the story came about.

The Music


My novels are as much an ode to music as they are a musical journey across time and genres. Each chapter is named after a song that represents what the characters are going through, so you can experience the story musically.